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Fox set ideas

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I scouted some new teritory this morning and came across a boulder. It is 3 ft high and as big around with a few small shelfs/ levels to it. Near the top was a pile of scatt. Fox i believe...looked just like yote scatt, had hair in it, but was only 1/2 as big. I know I could put in a dirt hole near the boulder, or even a scent post....but then I will catch the yotes that are in the area....ANY IDEAS???
Tim B
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Generally speaking, sets should be made in spots where the canine can see clearly around for at least 30 feet before lowering their heads. I've watched both fox and coyote from blinds and if the set backing was too high to see over, they got nervous and wary, moving on without working the set. I don't know what you had in mind with the 3 foot high boulders but a word of caution about setting right up tight to them as a backing.
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