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I have a FX3, that I bought new eight months ago. It has hardley been used, and doesnt have a scratch on it. It is Mossy Oak Brush camo, rechargeable battery kit, and a matching Reese sling. I have the original receipt, and all the paperwork. $425 shipped.

Here are the sounds:
Coyote Death Cry
Female Invitation
Male Challenge
Pup Distress 1
Pup Distress 2
Fox and Woodpecker
Gray Fox Distress
Gray Fox pup
Canine Pups 2
Baby Red Fox 2
Juv. Red Fox
Crying Kittens
Lighting Jack
Dying Jack
Screaming Rabbit
Big Rabbit Distress
Lil Rabbit
Baby Cottontail
Guinea Pig
**** Fight 1
**** Puppies
Chicken Distress
Prarie Dog
Fawn Distress
Woodpecker Distress
Screamin Jay
Male Cardinal
Chirping Coaxer
Crow Fight
Young Crow
Dying Crow
Crow and Hawk
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