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This has been around for a while, but is good. (Be sure to read all the way to the end. If it isn't for real, it ought to be.)

Letter from Bosnia. The ending is the best part!!!

An actual letter home from a marine with the
multinational force in Bosnia:

Dear Dad,

A funny thing happened to me yesterday at Camp Bondsteel (Bosnia):

A French army officer walked up to me in the PX, and told me he thought
we (Americans) were a bunch of cowboys and were
going to provoke a war in Iraq. He said if such a thing happens, we
wouldn't be able to count on the support of France.

I told him that it didn't surprise me. Since we had come to France's
rescue in World War I, World War II, Vietnam, and the Cold
War, their ingratitude and jealousy was due to surface [again] at some
point in the near future anyway. I also told him that is why
France is a third-rate military power with a socialist economy and a
bunch of pansies for soldiers.

I additionally told him that America, being a nation of deeds and
action, not words, would do whatever it had to do, and France's
support, if it ever came, was only for show anyway.

Just like in ALL NATO exercises, the US would shoulder 85% of the
burden, and provide 85% of the support, as evidenced by the
fact that this French officer was shopping in the American PX, and not
the other way around.

He began to get belligerent at that point, and I told him if he would
like to, I would meet him outside in front of the Burger King and
whip his ass in front of the entire Multi-National Brigade East, thus
demonstrating that even the smallest American had more fight
in him than the average Frenchman.

He called me a barbarian cowboy and walked away in a huff.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Dad, tell Mom I love her,

Your loving daughter,
Mary Beth Johnson
LtCol., USMC

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loved it

:) Loved it. I read it twice and thought I`d die laughing. Very good.
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Why is French taught?

The rankhor (sp?) of the French came to light when my son started high school and he was assigned French as a foreign language as a mandatory subject. One of the first things his French teacher pointed out, who was from France originally, was that the French people DISLIKED the Americans and showed disdain for everything American except our $$$$, which they gladly accepted after both World Wars, and from American tourist. He pointed out that many American tourists complained of the way they were treated by the average Frenchman during their visits, etc.
My son pointed out to him, "If the French hate us so much, show so much disdain for visiting American tourists (except to take their $$$), then why are we studying their language? Based on what you've told us so far, I and many others here probably would never want to visit France." The teacher just sort of shrugged his shoulders and smiled. He was probably thinking, "Because Americans are stupid and don't learn from experience."

He went to see his guidance counselor and asked to be transferred to a Spanish class. When he was asked why, he told him "I don't want to learn the language of a country that shows hatred towards the US policy and people after we saved their a$$ during two World Wars. It must have benefited him to transfer to Spanish, he now has a girlfriend from a Spanish speaking country and has done quite well in Spanish class (must be all the 'personal' tutoring he's getting). I joked with him the other day and told him, "I bet you are still using 'French' with you girlfriend." and it must have gone 'over his head'.

:twisted: :) :eek: :D

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Thank You, you and Col. Johnson made my day
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