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Frayed Outer edge on patches?

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Frayed Outer edge on patches?


You don't mention what kind of patching you are using, assuming precut cut ones? Also, have you mike'd your barrel? On my .53, I use a .525ball (only thing I could find for this oddball) and .020 pillow ticking. It's hard to get down, but the accuarcy is great, I'll usually go down to .015 ticking for hunting. You may be getting blowby, but sounds like at least it is consistant, its when you have a patch that is partly gone more to one side that will cause severe accuracy problems. I would try thicker material or a larger ball, .535. At least for me, I will live with lesser accuracy so as not to mess around with extra steps in loading, such as nesting material and wonder wads, I don't even like to use precut patches. I'll cut my patch material after the ball is just in the bore. Oh yea, do you have any slices in the patches from the rifling?

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First, Hi and welcome to the group. You signed in as Guest, but I hope you stay.

I shot a .54 for many years competatively and recreationally. The .54 is better served using 2f rather than 3f and is usually the remommended granulation from manufacturers. You may certainly be getting blow-by. I used a tightly patched ball, 100gr 2f, and a consistant lube and have had 2" groups at 100 yards with a T/C Renegade. Hope this helps!


Howdy! I've shot a .54 T/C Renegade with the short 1:48 twist and the 1:66 patchball barrel for awhile and both show frayed edges on the cut patch. I found a nice priced .53 ball and use the o.22 ticking at Wally World's material section, and bore butter. I heat the butter in the microwave to melt ,30-60 sec, and dip the patch strip,about 3 feet long, and squeeze off the excess. Winter or summer it makes 9-10 ring hits at 100 yds off hand. So, the frayed edges are not a problem, it's the cuts and burn-thrus to watch. My loads for 25-50 yds is 45 gr 2F and 85 gr 2F for 100 yds, no sight change on either barrel. The 45 gr is a "cherry" load to boot. Luck and XXXX's
Frayed Outer edge on patches?

I don't know why this has me logged on as a guest, I've been a member under River runner for about a month. (figure I got a home) Oh well confusers, I'd rather be shooting. Anyway, as far as the 3F instead of the 2F, I just couldn't get any accuracy out of my Traditions .54 Hawkins using ball or conical using the 2F. I just recently switched to 3F as I have a bunch, and started experimenting with different loads starting with 60 grains and working up. I found it to be a tack driver with 80 grains, and a Hornady Great Plains Bullet, 425 grain HBHP with just a pinch of hornets nesting over the powder. That's probably the load I'll use for deer up in the UP next year. It shot fairly well using a Hornady .530 with pre-cut patches of pillow ticking at .015, and some hornets nesting between the powder and patched ball, but when I started using the nesting over the powder and a Wonder Wad on top of the nesting, the accuracy was unbelievable. Like I said at 75 yards, that inexpensive rifle, was shooting 1" groups, with 2 of the 3 rounds touching. Just using the Wonder Wad, I had fraying all the way around the patch, no slits in the patch though. Using the hornets nesting I could literally re-use the patch, no fraying and totally intact. Note I swab the bore between each shot, as the .530 ball with a .015 patch greased in Thompson's is still hard to get down that muzzle. RR
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Frayed Outer edge on patches?

River runner,

Seems weird that you would be getting blow by if your ball/patch combo is hard to get down. I agree with the others, that with a .54, 2f should be the powder of choice, but some rifles can be finicky.
Frayed Outer edge on patches?

Or anyone,
What kind of "consistant" lube do you use? Like Wally nut, I cut at the muzzel also.Tried different thickness, different lube........??
Ever heard of "Dutch Shultz" ?
Frayed Outer edge on patches?

I used Crisco for years when shooting rifles. I now shoot a .72 smoothrifle and use either precut patches lubed with olive oil or neatsfoot oil, fiber wad, or a wad of grass. Accuracy doesn't change much when you're shooting a 545 grain knuckleball, but I REALLY like the olive oil or neatsfoot oil. Working on the principle that it's very slippery, you don't need a lot, and it dispurses itself very well on the fabric.

You may want to go to precut patches. Saves time, is consistant and you don't have 47 feet of ribbon floating around you. I use ticking, washed then cut into squares using my wifes cutting mat and roller she uses for quilting. I also shoot a 35 flinter, precut patches, neatsfoot oil lube.

Dutches system DOES WORK! Spend the money.
I did the nest thing for a while too, damned mess. Collect the nest, put it in the den, evacuate the house!!! :-D Just can't go down to the Hornet Nest store and pick some up if you know what I mean.

Hope this helps!
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Frayed Outer edge on patches?

Take a look over at "readin patches"...
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