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French Grey?

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Anybody have experence with this finish?

They offer it at
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I have a Beretta cataloge and it refers to "French Grey (or Gray)" on either its Sako or Tikka rifles. Apparently it is a silver finish.

They offer it at E. Arthur Brown Co
I'm trying to find someone with "hands on" experance, thanks anyway.

Interesting question. The following thread discusses some aspects of French Gray.

There is another possibility if you are interested. Talk to John Gillette at Classic Guns, inc 708-946-6141. They were doing a French Gray case hardening process. One thing for sure, they did great work on my custom 44 1/2 Stevens. A picture link is of the color casework is on the single shot board. Hope this helps.


I have a contender barrel from EABCO with the French Gray finish. It is very similar to a stainless finish. It is also real similar to the Gun-Kote Stainless finish.

Hope this helps.

Steve :wink:
:D Thanks to everbody for their in put, Ithink I'll go ahead and get it. :grin:
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