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Dear Guys,

I have a .50 caliber Sidekick muzzleloader for sale. I bought this rifle new about 4 years ago. It has the screw-in breach plug. I mounted a scope on it, and used it to hunt 4 times. Killed two deer with it. It is nicely accurate using Powerbelts, or Hornady XTP with plastic sabots.


Wood: Wood is 99%. Looks brand new.

Recoil pad: Pad is 99%. Looks brand new.

Metal: The metal would be 99%, except that when I removed the scope base, I found that there was a small rust outline around the outer edges of the scope base, and that there was a rust outline around two of the three mounting holes. I lightly wiped this area with WD-40 and #00000 steel wool to removed the rust, but of course it left bare metal. I am sure that if someone is handy, they could lightly polish these small areas, and apply a dab of cold blue, but I didn't want to try it myself. On the other hand, if you polished and waxed these areas, you could remount the scope base and you wouldn't see any of the markings. I was sad to see these rust marks, but it is what it is. The original iron sights are still on the gun. Front sight has orange insert, rear has side by side green inserts.

Ram rod: This black rod is aluminum. So, there are scratches along its length from putting it in and out of the rifle keepers.

Bore: The bore is extremely bright and shiny, with sharp lands and grooves. I was going to rate it as excellent, but after cleaning it one last time, and using a bore scope, I saw that in the area about 4 inches in front of the breach plug, there are 4 or 5 pinpoint spots of erosion (no rust). Three of them are right on top of the lands, and two are in the grooves. And, about 6 inches down from the muzzle, there are 3 or 4 more spots like this, again primarily on the lands. You may be able to polish these out with compound, but again, I didn't want to try it. So, I would rate the bore as VG. No marks or erosion on the crown. Looks brand new.

Face of receiver plug: Has a few dark spots on it. I don't think it is rust. It may be the residue from the plastic primer holders. You can probably polish it off.

Accessories: Two brand new unopened packages of the orange plastic primer holders (409 primers). (I paid $12 each). And one package of used holders, none of which has more than 4 shots on them. Plus the scope base. Plus the Weaver rings that I used with the scope base. (extended front ring). With these rings, there was plenty of room to adjust the scope forward or backward for eye relief. Plus the breach plug tool for removing the plug. No box or manual.

Price: $160, which includes shipping. If you are looking for a pristine piece for your collection, this may not be it. If you want a VG+ piece to hunt with, then this is it.

If you are SERIOUSLY interested, then send me a pm, and I will send you photos. But please, no window shoppers. I simply don't have the time.

I am Mannyrock on the most popular gun auction site, with over 35 A+ ratings and not a single negative rating. This piece is not listed on any site.


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