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I call the chassis "Apache". I was bored and decided to put my CAD modeling skills to the test. Pushed myself to the limit modeling this, but I think it turned out good. I designed this to fit on a printer with a max Z height of 300mm and it just barely fits. The forend dovetails into place and can be fused to the main body with Weldon #3 to permanently attach it. The rail section also dovetails into place and can be secured with some allen screws. If a rail isn't desired, I made a filler piece that can be used. The only thing that I'm not a fan of, I couldn't get a beaver tail grip to work. The trigger and stock geometry wouldn't allow for it. Here is the current print I did. Had to make some minor tweaks to the model to clearance the dovetails as they are far too tight. New print is in PETG and will be done day after tomorrow. The file will be available for sale for around $10 -$15 once everything is completed and tested.

With a magpul MOE stock LOP is 10.5"-13.75". Let me know what you guys think!

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