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fun load

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playing with the .32 birdshead and found that the little tumble lubed lee wadcutter ahead of 1 grian of bullseye makes a fun little load it is as quiet if not quieter then a .22 and shoots to the same point of aim at 20 feet as my heavy load does at 20 yards just the ticket for plinking around the house or out in the pole barn.
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i used to live in an old farm house that was visited from time to time by a possum. never figured out how he was getting in my house, but he would wake me up at night prowling around in my kitchen. i baited up a large have-a-heart trap with sardines. his tail was so long that the door wouldn't completely close, but it slowed him long enough for me to get off a lucky shot from my k38 loaded with 3.1 gr. of 231 under a 148 gr. wadcutter. this possum was in the 15 - 20 lb range. didn't have any scales handy or a measuring stick but he had a long set of front teeth approaching an inch. i had a 22 pistol loaded with cb caps but i was afraid i would just make him mad if i shot him with them.
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