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yesterday i checked one of my cheap n beat up game cameras. it had some pictures on it. well this particular camera has been beat up pretty badly and as im photoing bears....i literally nailed it to the tree with metal strap. it was mounted close to the ground as it is on a hill and at ground level on the tree it will take photos directly ahead at the right height.

so .....i proceeded to pry the nails out of the tree with a hammer and remove the camera as it flashed and took a picture.

i took the film into work and had the girls develop them. a couple decent bears on there and then as the last picture came up that they were developin....they laughed and began questioning me on it. i will not post this picture as it nearly pornographic it is my legs on either side of the camera and as im prying on it and it flashed.....the hammer handle is positioned ...well in a very precarious position. so you see both my legs and a "hammer handle" sort of dangling between. the photo was close and blurry enough to make it look very little like the actual handle of the

well when i explained to them red faced what had happened and what exactly the picture was....i got the old.."sure its a hammer handle...yep uh huh"

at which point i had to say..."if you dont believe me then ill walk around with you ladies thinking im way more impressive than i really am"

my wife came into the store and i showed her the photo and we laughed about it...then she went to the girls at work n said,,,"trust me..its a hammer handle"...
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