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I'm trying to find where to purchase gas checks for my 500 grain (Lee mold) bullet for my .45-70. The only listing I can find is Midway... They do show what they term a "45 Cal." gas check, but they do not indicate the exact dia. I need it to be either .457 or .458, and 45 cal. could be anywhere from .452 on up... Does anyone know where I can find gas checks for my .45-70? Thanks. Dave
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45 cal iber gas checks should work the sizer is what actualy makes them correct for the bore.

Check out Midsouth Shooters Supply for GC's. They have the best prices by a ways that I've found to date.


The .45 cal GC's are for everything from .45 pistol through the rifle calibers. As you can imagine, the fit can't be ideal for all of these. Good sources suggest the practice of anealing .45 cal GC's on rifle calibers prior to installing them to prevent spring-back and a resultant loose fit. Especially important when sizing at the upper diameters of .459"+

Good Shootin'!

Sky C.
Longmont, CO
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I guess I should say that I ordered and got the Hornady gas checks, installed them and they shoot fine on these bullets. In fact, I just cast 20 new bullets today (as per a post I just did) installed the checks and am about ready to load my rounds for the upcoming boar hunt...
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