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GC Question

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Hi Guys.....

I'm a newbie to shooting lead. Want to load up some 30-30s for plinking. I don't really shoot enough to warrant the investment in casting equipment. Purchase most of the bullets through Midway. Have read a few articles on gas checks but don't know how to install them. Do I need some sort of die for my press?....want to gas check 30-30,,44-40 and 44mag....The last two I load to around 950 fps and not sure if I really need gas checks.
Thanks for any help...
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lee makes a bullet sizing die that will work with your reloading press. push the bullets through with the gas check installed and it crimps them in place. please understand that you cannot gas check any lead bullet. it has to be of a gas check design , meaning that the base is under sized , providing a place for the check to fit.
Thanks, Hubbard...

I wasn't aware of that fact. So far I have purchased Hornaday and D&J hardcast bullets and they are not designed for gas checks. If I can recall,I think I ran into sites that sell the 30cal bullets with gas checks already installed. will have to slug the 94 and see what size I need.

Thanks again.
Tim :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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