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Gettin geared up again

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Okay I've had Rugers in the past... but am not lookin to have those high powered heavy 45 Colt loads but a pair of 45's that are strictly CAS or SASS shooters ONLY. I've been looking at American Western Arms, Cimarron, EMF and yes even Cabellas because I'm a no frill kind of guy, as long as it shoots it can look old don't care about it being a plain jane look, besides I like they're pricing.

Barrel length is the queston now 4", 4.75", 5.5" only will be considered. Don't think the 7.5 is what I want because I will more than likely wear my sixgun shooters in a traditional holster that rides high or even with my beltline.
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I had an EMF Dakota with 4-3/4" barrel. It was really accurate with a variety of loads but shot wide to left with all of them. Didn't matter if I shot it with right hand, left hand or both hands. It shot left. Too far left! Sent it back expecting EMF to fix it. Nope they don't do that. Only option was take it back and fix it myself or take a new gun. I took a new gun and traded it on one of the limited edition Ruger SS Bisleys with 5.5" barrel.

Now having said all that I loved that revolver and really should have taken it back and just fixed it myself. It looked good, felt good, shot very well as to group size even if not POI, was tight and in tune. Paid $280 out the door for it. Been looking around for another and will likely get one.

If I were looking for an economical way to get started, I'd probably get a pair of Cabela's mellinium revolvers, I've only shot one pair and they shot suprisingly well! I don't know why I was suprised, they are the same as the rest of the Ubertis, just not the fit and finish, but I was. I have seen a pair where the finish was removed, the brass polished and the grips refinished with an oiled finish. The result was an economical pair of pistols that shot great and looked a 100 years old. In my book, that's a hard combination to beat!
I have no experience with the 4" barrel, but I would question if the ejector would compley eject empties, which is a necessity for on the clock reloads IMOP. I have had a couple of 5 1/2" barrels, and there is some advantage to the longer sighting plane and the extra couple of ounces out front for reaquiring the target and from what I have seen seem to be the most popular barrel length. Since I don't even have the desire, much less the self-disipline to become a serious competitor, I'll forgo whatever small advantage the 5 1/2 has over the 4 3/4 cause I like the feel and and looks of the of the 4 3/4. Infact my Colts clones and RV's all now wear 4 3/4" barrels.

Having no idea of your experience's with colts or clones, I'll add this:
before you spend money on springs or action jobs, pop the grips off, remove the mainspring and from an old belt or boots cut a washer of leather to go between the mainspring and grip housing. It is amazing what this will do to improve the feel to those 10-pound-pull-lawyer-induced actions. Don't dryfire a colt or clone without snap-caps (opinion only, but shared by many). Shoot it a lot, they are pretty simple machines that just keep getting better the more you use them.

Butler Ford
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Butlerford 45 Has given you some good advice. I have heard lots about the Cabela's pistol's all good. I have some Rugers and they are good guns and are like a tank they will take the abuise.

Big five sells some rifles at a good price for startup.
Also like the Baikal shotguns got one my self.

If'n I had it to do overwith I would go with the Rugers because of the toughness of them. Not having to replace things as often.

This is my $0.02 worth for what it is worth !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pete :grin:
If you have a cowboy club or two in mind to shoot with go out and see what the others are using and then pick their brains as to why and, maybe more inportantly, why not this brand over that. Then, based on your likes and dislikes, and budget go for it. Don't know too many cowpokes that don't own an extra set or two of guns. Sorta like potato chips--betcha can't have just one.
:-D The Ranger's right on that one, and most folks not only don't mind your trying out their guns, it gives them a chance to show them off and are tickeled ta death for ya to try them out! :)
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