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Gettin geared up again

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Okay I've had Rugers in the past... but am not lookin to have those high powered heavy 45 Colt loads but a pair of 45's that are strictly CAS or SASS shooters ONLY. I've been looking at American Western Arms, Cimarron, EMF and yes even Cabellas because I'm a no frill kind of guy, as long as it shoots it can look old don't care about it being a plain jane look, besides I like they're pricing.

Barrel length is the queston now 4", 4.75", 5.5" only will be considered. Don't think the 7.5 is what I want because I will more than likely wear my sixgun shooters in a traditional holster that rides high or even with my beltline.
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If you have a cowboy club or two in mind to shoot with go out and see what the others are using and then pick their brains as to why and, maybe more inportantly, why not this brand over that. Then, based on your likes and dislikes, and budget go for it. Don't know too many cowpokes that don't own an extra set or two of guns. Sorta like potato chips--betcha can't have just one.
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