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Getting a gun as a gift

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A family member is thinking about giving me a Colt Python as a gift. I'm new to the shooting sports and am unfamiliar with some of its laws. I've only been to the shooting range a few times.

Do I need to get the gun registered? Do I need any sort of documentation? I live in California, by the way. Any help is appreciated!

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Thanks Gatofeo

Definitely helps. Thanks for the information!

I also don't know the specifics of CA firearms laws but they are about the most strict in the nation. I'm "almost" positive you are required to go thru an FFL dealer on such transactions to be legal under CA state law. If you wish to be legal ask someone in your state who is knowledgeable.


If I was giving a handgun to someone as a gift, I would have the handgun registered in that persons name at the time of the purchase...That person would have to be present at the sell. That way it will avoid the re-registration of the handgun upon ownership by another person. Besides, I wouldn't want the handgun in my name if another person owned it...Even if the person was a family member or a very close friend. One never knows what can happen years down the road. Good-luck...BCB
If you don't know what to do with it, I have a really good home for it here in Alabama. :lol:

Unfortunately my family member already purchased it a few years ago so I guess I missed that opportunity.

I'll start asking around locally. Maybe I'll go to the range this weekend and squeeze off a few rounds! Thanks again.

The only problem with owning a Python as your first handgun is the fact that you don't have anything to compare it to. My first handgun was a 4" blued Python. Only after I sold it and tried other handguns did I realize what a great gun it actually was. I owned several Pythons in different barrel lengths and finishes, and trust me I now know the meaning of the expression "you don't know what you got, till it's gone." I have been seriously considering the purchase of another Python, but since I consider the 357 to be a little on the light side for deer hunting (I know there are a lot of people who will tell you just the opposite) I always find myself looking at what I consider more appropriate hunting guns. While they may be more powerful, ain't none of them as pretty or as smooth as a Python.

Accept the gun, complete the transaction and required paperwork through a FFL dealer. You'll be glad you did. :wink:
A gift

oski-- If you are 21--- I believe you will find that on the left coast-- you will have to go to a dealer, the two of you, and due the transfer. That will in fact reg. it in your name, even though they do not call it a reg. :( :( A super piece as has been stated, and value, with box etc., out there, could be twice what was paid for it. :) Good Luck!! :D
You will have to do a "private party transfer" in California. You and the owner of the gun have to go to an FFL dealer with the gun, your drivers license and some money (usually about 30.00).

You will need a handgun saftey card which you get by paying still more money and taking a simple test.

You will also need a utility bill with your name and address on it. I haven't figured this one out but it seems that a drivers license isn't enough to show that you actually live somewhere but the power company must do a better job of tracking you down according to the state!

After doing the paperwork (A LOT of PAPERWORK) the dealer will hold the gun for the 10 day waiting period before you get to posess the gun.

The Python is worth it!
The Professor's got it right on both counts: The transfer process (is the wait a State law? - I know I had to in LA 20 years ago, but didn't think those up north had to), and the fact the the gun is well worth it! All except the waiting period is Federal rules, will happen the same anywhere.

Wayne the Shrink

Contact an FFL.
Both parties have be present...bring the firearm to the FFL.
Paperwork has to be signed by both. ~$30-$50
You will have to take the Handgun Safety Test, pass and get a card to document that you've passed. ~$25
FFL will hold the gun.
Wait ten days.
It's yours...simple huh? :)

To speed-up the the HS guide before taking the test. Show-up with a driver's license AND a proof of residency. Your car registration works well for residency it helps verify your home address and provides additional proof that you're a TAXPAYING resident of the state.

Good Luck and Be Safe! ...Chris :D
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Makes me wish I had a Python. Makes me glad I don't live in California.

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