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Getting Started

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Hey - I'm thinkin about getting started into trapping. Mostly muskrat, & ***** around here. What's the best book to read to get me started?
Also looking for the best place to order traps - with helpful folks etc..

Thanks Scout :D
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If your on a budget, like me, Keep an eye on the yard sales. Also those never ending garage sales. Some of those guyes buy hole eststes and you can find traps there. Plires can be found for a $1 and Vice Grips for $5. I found have some muskrat traps for a $1 a piece. I also pick up a shoulder bag that maybe a scout had for $2. It can hold all my stuff and 4 traps. A 5 gal. bucket is cheep and holds a lot too. Try to get to your state convention you can get books and supplies there and get free demos. Somethings can only be found at supplies houses but the bargans are out there!
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