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OSOK: I did misread your post when I responded to your question sin the other forum.

No, the Gibbs conversion of the SMLE 303/308 to 45-70 is not as strong as the Marlin or Winchester lever actions.

I would not use either the Buffalo Bore or the Garret loadings in the Gibbs Conversions. A plain old 45-70 round should give you everyting you need for North American game, especially with the 405 grain bullet at normal loadings.

Don't know about the accuracy but would expect under 2" at 100 yds - maybe better.

No experience other than what I have read and seen of prior offerings. Some of these conversions were around in the late 60s and 70s but had feeding problems due to the double stack magazine of the SMLE action. In an article I read on a similar conversion to 45-90 the author experienced the same problems. Apparently Gibbs has effectively dealth with this problem because we haven't either heard about it or seen it written up.

Now that I have properly read your posting I apologize for flappin' my lips off topic and certainly hope this response is more useful. Mikey.

ps: I still like their looks and might get one if I see it.
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