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The only thing I do different for the model 77 is only use a rear guide screw. Don't try to use one in that stupid angled frt screw hole(the answer to a problem that didn't exist). I leave two small pads of the orignal bedding to control the depth, and drill the front screw hole after the glass has set up. Just like other rifles the only part of the recoil lug that touches the glass is the back side. Mask off the angled front and sides. The rear is done without the saftey rod on the gun, cut a channel for it to move in after the glass is done. You also cut away the depth pads afterwards. I mix in extra glass floc for extra strength behind that rather short recoil shoulder.

I do glass bedding regularly but I charge 50% extra for Ruger Model 77"s they can be a PITA! Just think thru each step before you mix the glass and you'll be OK. Hope this helps.
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