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Globco 555/Tokarev

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I don’t know where I should be posting this, so I’m putting copies everywhere I can think of, hoping for a source of expertise.

I recently bought a Globco 555 in .303 British. This is an autoloading rifle, which is a Russian Tokarev that was sporterized and re-chambered to .303 for the Canadian market in the 1960’s.

I originally bought this rifle for interest’s sake, but, I like the feel of it, and I've always enjoyed hunting with an autoloader. I’m hoping that if the action proves reliable, and it is a reasonable shooter, that I might carry it deer hunting this fall.

There are 2 grooves on opposite sides at the back of the receiver, where it appears that something was meant to slide onto the rifle. I’m wondering if this could possibly be for a scope mount, or if it might be possible to have a scope mount made that clamps onto the rifle at these points? Does anyone know of any original or aftermarket scope mounts for the Tokarev? I would only mount a red dot or Holosight on this rifle, so a mount wouldn’t have to be very high or be able to support some heavy high-magnification scope.

Also, does anyone know of a source of clips that would work in a Tokarev? I always like a spare. I would probably have to have one modified for it to be legal in Canada (5 shot rule).
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Rick: That is one interesting rifle you have there. A Tokarev in 303 Brit is a real oddity.

The Tokarev rifle itself is a heck of a nice semi-auto but it was found to be a bit fragile for long term military use. For hunting with the right size magazine you should be in just excellent shape with that rifle. They are nice and slim and lightweight, as I recall. The original cartridge, the 7.62x54R is an excellent cartridge in the same military category as the 303 Brit. Fortunately both are rimmed cartridges so I would expect functioning not to be problemmatic.

You are correct about the cutouts on both sides of the action, they are for the scope mount rails. I believe I have seen the mounts and scopes advertised in the Shotgun News. The Gun Parts Corporation in West Hurley, NY may sell them. You might also be able to get additional magazines from them as well. If not, peruse a Shotgun News and you should see one of the larger parts dealers carrying those.

Also, there might be a web-site for the Tokarev Rifles that could be of benefit. I've been searching for a scope mount for a Swedish Ljungman AG-42B and those web-sites have been my last resource.

Hope this helps. Good luck. Mikey.
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