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I don’t know where I should be posting this, so I’m putting copies everywhere I can think of, hoping for a source of expertise.

I recently bought a Globco 555 in .303 British. This is an autoloading rifle, which is a Russian Tokarev that was sporterized and re-chambered to .303 for the Canadian market in the 1960’s.

I originally bought this rifle for interest’s sake, but, I like the feel of it, and I've always enjoyed hunting with an autoloader. I’m hoping that if the action proves reliable, and it is a reasonable shooter, that I might carry it deer hunting this fall.

There are 2 grooves on opposite sides at the back of the receiver, where it appears that something was meant to slide onto the rifle. I’m wondering if this could possibly be for a scope mount, or if it might be possible to have a scope mount made that clamps onto the rifle at these points? Does anyone know of any original or aftermarket scope mounts for the Tokarev? I would only mount a red dot or Holosight on this rifle, so a mount wouldn’t have to be very high or be able to support some heavy high-magnification scope.

Also, does anyone know of a source of clips that would work in a Tokarev? I always like a spare. I would probably have to have one modified for it to be legal in Canada (5 shot rule).
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