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:D Earlier we had a subject worring about shooting the TRITON ammo in his Glock and wondering if the arm was gunna blow up. Aint gunna happen. We had another subject "MONTE" write in about some Glock22 problems,in part. his term of a Ka-booming glock in 22 model. He explained that it was bullet setback from the bullet being pushed back into the case,which inturn caused the glock to ka-boom. I spent a half hour on the tx this morning with GLOCK CUSTOMER SERVICE,and read them the statement by this subject , MONTE. They all had a good laugh over it but did give me the following information. It seems that a number of subjects had been shooting handloaded ammo in thier glocks. As we all know,this ammo,when handloaded might not be below SAAMI specs (read as way above). This coupled with a prior squib load(slug lodged in bbl,and then another round shot over it) did damage a couple of glocks. IT DID NOT BLOW THEM UP. As a mater of fact they advised me that they did not have any blowups from this,but it will damage the glock as it will any other firearm. As we all know a firearm manufatcurer or ammo manufacturer has no control over how a handload is produced. Now,I reload a lot,and I have not ever blown up a handgun,much less a rifle,but do know several that have due to trying to hotrod thier ammo a little. I again asked them about "very poor glock barrel chamber support " which is supposed to cause the gun to blow due to bullet setback. Again,they advised that there is nothing to it,the setback will cause a major spike in the pressure curve,and "may" damage the barrel,but again,no exploded handgun. I then talked with them about the " rail problem" that this subject advised us about. The firearms expert from glock advised that they have shot up to 6000 (thats six thousand rounds) through a glock with a missing rail with no ill effects. Thats a lotta rounds sportsfans. I then advised them of all these people going to the BARSTO/KKM barrels to replace all these glocks that are having thier barrels blow,and again,they thought it was a bunch of BS. Sounds like some hype for this company fer replacement barrels to me. There are no handguns out there that the company recommends that handloads are used in them,outside of certian specs,that will not remove the warrantee from the handgun or rifle if they are used. All in all,the company itself ,stated that all the hype this subject put into his forum is non existant. Also I am not aware of any gun magazines that have stated anything like the above problems mentioned,and I get everyone that is on the market when they come out. It is interesting when I asked them if they have had any of thier guns blow up,outside of someone using an unauthorized handload and the relpy was that they have not,and have not for anything else either ,outside of an extreme load that is not safe in any handgun. Stay safe and good shooting. I hope this information helps those that were "worried" about thier glocks . If you have any additional questions about this percieved problem please feel free to contact Glock at 770-432-1202 ...king
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Glock kabooms

Thanks, King! That post was very well researched and had good info in it...don't know where folks get some of their ideas... :D

As you stated, .45cal 1911's can have a problem with unsupported cases when chambered. That is why ED Brown-Clark-Nowlin and others make barrels that are ramped. If you look at the barrel of a Glock, it too is ramped, which offers support for the cartridge, even the .45cal!!!! As stated by others, use of reloads can cause problems when they are not made correctly. I've seen 1911's ruined by use of improperly made reloads, any firearm can be destroyed that way, THAT is why no manufacture of any firearm warrants their product with the use of reloads! All firearms have shortcomings or faults, but understanding those problems can mininmize bad opinions or advise. Nuff said?
:D I would say from looking at the site PINDUCK put in,reloads are domething to stay away from. I have to admit that I do not do any reloading for any of my Glocks due to having enough ammo at my disposal from being an instruter,but reloads do seem to be a problem. By the looks of a couple of those guns I would hate to see what would have occured if it was not a Glock that was being shot. Kinda hard to slam any gun if it comes apart on ya with a reload,in particulare if you did not reload them yourself,ya just dont know what was put in them in the first place. King :eek:
Glock kabooms...

OK, Open minded and honest.
NOTHING is perfect. Not even Glocks.
What Glock owners are trying to communicate however, is that an overwhelming majority of us are having NO problems.
We as a group, are very happy with that. For a shooter that places the safety of him or herself, and his/her partner wearing a Glock, rumors have no place.
We prefer to deal with what we have seen ,and what we have experienced: as a group. Which up to this point has been unparalleled sucess!
For experienced shooters and trainers, we have seen too many neophyte shooters and younger officers over the years, start rumors and on the basis of THEIR TASTE IN FIREARMS, sway managers and city fathers into purchasing the pistol they like, based on TASTE, NOT FUNCTION. ("I LIKE so and so, they have sexier grips, ...and on and on.") Doubting Thomases can destroy a shooter's confidence with the "what if?" rumor almost over night.
Yes, we as a group of shooters reject and banish people with bad things to say about and large we haven't seen it. It is a kind of gospel message for us.
From what I KNOW, when there is a problem, or when one can be researched and predicted, Glock steps in and BOOM! Fixes it. (recall) Yes, somebody has to be the first to have a problem, and people talk...let's talk percentages....major cities like New York and Detroit Police Departments have been the American proving grounds for Glock, and they are very happy with, Smith and Wesson is not, Colt and Ruger are not. This pistol has a specific function...You shoot thousands of training rounds with it, YOU FIGHT WITH IT, TO SAVE YOUR LIFE! ....and it works better that ALL OF THE COMPETITORS!!!

I'm sure I have said enough, where's the Tylenol? :D
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Jeff,I agree with what you said 100%.I think about the functioning part of any test I embark on whether it is a piece of farm machinery,woodworking tool,Welding machine,or anything. Anything being just that.If anything doesn't have a reliable function.well fit ,feel,cal,color,weight,length and anything else you can think off isn't worth a DAM. I n a tight situation where your life or the life of one or more family members is on the line,those that are not totally concerned with function might not live to fight again. I have been accused of being a walking advocate for Glock simply because I believe in the product and its abilities. Seems others believe also as other handgun manufactures are doing their best to copy the Glock. Must be great for the Polymier industry.Nuff said,I am CAL...... :)
Survived a KA-BOOM!

It happened to me (twice!). The first time, while firing my 26 it went KA-BOOM using 105gr. swc lead bullets. I would usually fire about 50 rounds then call it quits so I could clean out the lead build-up. I figured that that was about the max amount of rounds I could fire before I would get in trouble. WRONG! Gun go boom, hand hurt bad! The pressure was enough to knock the magazine and slide lock out of the gun. It left some black marks on my trigger finger which hurt real bad. I don't blame the gun, I blame me for using lead in a glock barrel. The second time was AFTER I replaced the factory barrel with a KKM barrel. I was using Hodgden tite group, following the directions on the bottle, starting load 10% less than that listed, these were hot! I disassembled all of them and reloaded them with a different powder. I haven't had a problem sense. I shoot the swc lead bullets through my 26 now without any problems. The KKM barrel is more accurate and does not lead up nearly as fast. Oh yea, I sent my 26 to Glock to have them look at it after it blew up and they said that there was no damage. :oops:
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Welcome, Sean! :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D
I shot in the GSSF matches for several years and almost always finished in the top 10 in my class. I also used lead bullets in 9mm, 40 caliber, 45acp and 10mm. I have never had lead "build up" in any of my factory barrels. The use of hard cast bullets at moderate pressures and velocity is the reason. I put between 10 and 20 thousand lead bullets through these guns with zero problems. Many of the "kabooms" are case failures unrelated to the gun itself. When the case fails, all that high pressure gas has to go somewhere and it does so at high speed with some attendant damage.
My 2 cents.
You're right on the mark, we have said this same thing here no less than a half-dozen times! You as a reloader must be paying very close attention to crimp, and headspace detail for your lead rounds to be as sucessful as they are, nice job! :D
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