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Ordered one of Cap's model 99 mule-eared SxS. Turns out that it comes pretty much as it did right out of the factory. No work done on it at all. So I open and take apart what I could and clean out a bunch of crud and it's a nice gun.
Only problem is the stock is more like a slab of wood than a shotgun stock. Forearm is Ok but the stock sure is thick at the bottom. I have another shotgun so I'll use that as a model. Had to write Cap to figure out how the stock comes off (there's a pin that holds the bottom tang in place--drive it out, drop the tang and the stock comes right out)

Once I get to that point I'll get out the rasps, belt sander, block sanders and such and go to work. Anything would be an improvement over the orginial. Figure I'll take my time and do a good job.

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