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I'm re-posting this on the new forum.

I have an older Yamaha 2-stroke gas golf cart that I would like to put a lift kit and bigger wheels/tires on. Anyone out there ever done this or know of a source for parts? Since I got the arthritis under control I'd like to get out on the trails with my friends :)

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I've not done it myself but there is a place near Houston Texas that does it, actually there are more places doing that all the time. There was a web site for the place, I think they called theirs the "Hum Bug" Sorry I can't give the details but they advertise in the Journal OF Texas Trophey Hunters. You might pull up that web site and go from there. It seems to be a popular thing to do, and I almost went that route before deciding to buy a Kawasaki Mule. Good luck. I will post the info if I find it.
markc :)
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