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from the hunting rotation. :( I don't want to, but a man gotta do what a man gotta do! And this I gotta do! ;D

You see, I got to play "match the barrel/receiver" with the 45-120 and the 25-06 barrels. With a little luck, in one combination or the other, each of the barrels will fit one of my uncommitted receivers without much (any) fitting. We can hope anyway! ;) And who knows... maybe I can get the barrel mounted and the zero confirmed and it will make it back to this year's lineup!

No rush really, Tyler has already demonstrated what the cartridge will do with the Rem 405 bullet. Da boy done upstaged me again! :mad: So, by the time next year rolls around I should have worked up some 350 and 500 gr. loads to use! 8)

But the big thing is that I want to free up my old 45-70 receiver so I can mount that nice set of carbine wood I just got to it! And start working up them handgun level loads for it. :p

Hummmm, :-\ Looks like next season will be a Handi one! Darn, I was looking foward to an iron sighted lever gun season... :-[ or a 35 caliber season... :-\

I think I need rehab... :'(
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