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Good size shotgun load for predators??

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What would be a good choice load for the 'ol smoothbore?? Would I be better off using my turkey rig, a 20" Rem. 870 12 ga with hastings turkey choke and red dot sight or going back to the factory 28" barrel or breaking out the waterfowl setups, a Browning 10ga autoloader or a 3 1/2 Mossberg 12 ga. What shot size and choke combination would be ideal for predators?

Frog :D
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If you reload, get ahold of some #4 buckshot, I've had good success with it out to 5 yards or so on fox and coyote. I've also taken them with BBB out of a goose blind, they seem to think stalking decoys is a good idea, then running out confused after they try to take a biteof hard plastic.
I shoot 3" #4 buck in either my Browning BPS or Mossberg 500 with full chokes. So far results have been real good. I don't use it past about 40 yards, so all I can say is it works darn well inside of that.
What about using #2 lead? Has anyone tried using "specialty" loads like #2 Hevi-shot or tungsten-iron BB's? Seems like more pellets would be better especially for smaller pred's like foxes and cats. I have some 3" copperplated #4 buck and the box says pellet count is 41 pellets per shell, this just doesn't seem like a whole lot of pellets for shooting at a distance of 40-50 yds. Just wondering.... :?

I've read of a lot of folks using #2s or BBs for fox and coyote with good results. I understand there are several states with shot size restrictions requiring it. I have no firsthand experience with it though - only #4 and 00 buck. I say try it, but keep your shots limited to 35 yards or so, especially on coyotes. Those critters take a lot of killin'. Good luck.
I like the 10ga I have a Rem SP 10ga with a Com-N-Choke made for Buckshot the size on the choke is .680 and i shoot Fed Pem #1 Buckshot and it will kill a coyote at 60 yds like a MACK truck hit it and i would like too try some lead # 2's out of it too see how they would do on foxes and cats good hunting varmit master
all i use 3 inch BB in my 12 gauge they work great on cats, fox or coyotes. i use the copper plated lead. you wont be dissapointed
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