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The other day I decided to take a trip to Sidney and check out the Cabela's there. While looking at their used guns rack, I came across a Savage 12BVSS in .223 for $399. It even had an Accu-trigger on it! Normally I prefer to buy new guns, but at this price and the condition the gun is in, I couldn't pass it up. The stock does have some light scratches, but I'm not sure how well I like the stock anyway. It can be replaced with something more to my liking if I decide to later.

I mounted an Elite 4200 6-24 w/a Mil-dot reticle. Used Burris rings with the Posi-lign inserts. While waiting for this scope to show up, I mounted an extra 3-9 I had on it to see how well it would shoot. It shoots Winchester white box hollow-points into less than an inch. Which works out great because I'm going on vacation this Friday and didn't have time to put any loads together. We're going camping over vacation and there is a prairie dog town close by that I hope to spend alot of time at with this new setup.

Sorry for such a long-winded post. I was pretty tickled and wanted to share my find with ya'll! :D

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Looks like you got a great deal!
I like the scope & ring set-up that you used, this will be a great varmit
rifle. I bet that when you have more time, you can tailor loads that will
do .5 or better.
I sell industrial equipment & while I am out in my territory, I will check
the gun shops in that town. I have bought some of my best "keepers"
this way out of the used gun racks. If they don't group the way I want
them to, I will sell them to someone less particular(most people) & buy
I have a little better "keeper ratio" with these used guns than with the new
ones that I have bought over the years.
Good Shooting! :D
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