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:roll: Got caught warming the lube in the microwave oven again. "You're smellin' up the house!" I have also used the camp stove and a pan to soften it up so I can "pour" the sizer full. The odor usually drifts into the house that way still and I hear about it.

Anyone have secrets on creating the round bars with hollow centers? I tried making a die and using a round wooden dowel. The bars just crumble appart or if a little soft the lube goops back in to fill the hole.

I figure it would be easier to make up a few of the round bars that I can just drop in the sizer. Lets hear the secrets. I have a few days off working coming up and hope to get caught up on sizing. I had a trip this past summer and spent the evenings in the hotel room sizing to my hearts content. That helped some.

Happy Holidays!!

Steve :wink:
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