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Well y'all, I got my .45-70 close range wild boar load down pat... 1600 fps was just a little too fast, and was creating just a bit of lead fouling in the bore of my Marlin 1895SS... so, I slowed it down to 1300 fps, trying two different powders. 2400 and IMR 3031 with a wad over the powder. Both shot very well, and neither caused any lead fouling. From 25 yards, both shot groups with each bullet hole touching the one next to it... from 50 yards, the 2400 load won the contest, grouping very nicely at about 1 1/2 inch horizontally, and 2 inch vertically from an "elbow on the picnic table" sort of rest. Velocity over the chrony was as consistent as anyone could expect, and recoil was well within reason... These were using my Lee mold, 340 grain flat nose bullets made from wheel weight metal with 242 grains of tin solder added per one pound of wheel weight ingot... Suits the heck out of me... Dave
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