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Graybeard and Matt--entrance problems

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hope you guys can answer this--the last few days when trying to get into the site,this comes up-
php:Critical Error
Error creating new session
Sometimes I am not able to get in for several hours,also when replying to some posts,when I hit submit,this ocurrs--not all the time. But the whole reply is lost.Is this happening to others or just me.?
Also can a direct link to this site be made off from the old one?I know some guys are not getting on ,they get lost when they have to press more than one button lol Tom
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I've been getting the same error message when I try to visit the forum...
I read from the main forum list page where MATT said they are having server probs and it should be fix by the weekend. I think they must have got switched over to the new server now it seems to be working fine now for me anyways.

We hope we have it handled. Wasn't what we first thought but Matt's pretty sure it shouldn't return. If it does he is gonna dump the extra features he added to the software and go back to using it like it came.

GB: The problem is still with us, I get that error message 4 time out of five and I got it again about an hour ago. Ace
Yesterday I had some problems, but no difficulties today.
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