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Graybeard,how's your Marlin 1895CB coming along?

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How's your Marlin 1895CB project coming along?,any luck with a different buttstock?I wonder if I can find a wide 14-1/2"l.o.p. buttstock?
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Graybeard,how's your Marlin 1895CB coming a

Actually it isn't coming at all. I put the Pachmayr Decelerator pre fit pad on it and haven't taken it out of the gun cabinet since. I'm not planing on shooting any more of those loads that got my shoulder to hurting so this means I have to size and lube some more bullets for it and I've not gotten my round tuit on that project yet.

I must confess to be a bit leery of shooting it again. My right shoulder is hurting again almost as much as it was when I went to the doctor and he told me to stop shooting. The cortizone shot he gave me in the shoulder joint has worn off, the arthritis pills ain't getting the job done.

Hunting season isn't over yet but is about for me I guess as I'm losing interest in going lately it seems. I will shoot it again even if just once more. I plan to load it down to about the old BP load level before I try it again. If it still does that right shoulder like it did then it is trading material.

Haven't looked into the new replacement stock yet. Gotta first see how back it hurts this bum shoulder before putting any more money in it.

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