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Graybeards Saloon and Gaming Emporium Grand Opening!!!!!

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:D Welcome one and all!!! The drinks are strong and the games are straight. We have Poker and Buck the Tiger (Faro). A fine selection of cee-gars and the spittoons are dumped at least once a week.

No spitting on the floor or shooting the mirror or the bottles on the backbar! Everything else is fair game. :grin:
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Graybeards Saloon and Gaming Emporium Grand

Hello Boys,
This here looks like a place an ole bronc stomper like me could enjoy. Old whiskey, and a good looking bartender to boot. " Howdy Ma'am, names Slick Fork and I'm right proud to make yer acquaintance. Juggs ya say hmmmmm, must be because all those pretty clay containers ya handle serving out this fine smooth golden nectar." Boys now I'm not one to boast but I've been in saloons and dancehalls from here to Missoula and east to St Louie and clear out west ta Santa Barbara and I ain't never seen as a fancy barkeep as you all have here.
Well I've said my piece so I'll just set back in the corner and sip on this whiskey and listen a spell. Dust is awful thick up in Colorado. I'm sure you all got some tall tales to throw out and let me catch em. By the way Holiday why on earth was you wearing a mop on yer head the other day??????????????
Slick Fork
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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