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Hi all I just thought I would post information for any of you that might be needing ballistic information to help you get on target at farther distant ranges than you are zeroed for. I used this site to calculate the bullet frop from my 200 yd zero for a 500 yd target using my new .40-65. It was right on, and I was on the paper with my first shot after using it.

This site is free and on the most worthwhile I have ever visited!!!!! After getting on this page, click on the ballistics page at the bottom. Simply type in the information on the left side of the page and a bullet drop tble will appear on the right side of the page.

I found that my load would have 248 inches of bullet drop from a 200 yd zero at 500 yds. I put an additional 50 mins of elevation, and was right on the paper with the first shot over cross sticks (sitting).

It is well worth visiting for any that may not already have this information
I have used it to calculate tables for 4 different rigles and cals., and it works great for every one of them.

I hope this helps someone who was having as much trouble and doubt about how much elevation to put on for unknown ranges. :D Omaha
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