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Gripping for off hand shooting?

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Hi All,

I recently aquired a Scoped Super 14 7-30 Waters for my contender. It shoots great until I pick it up off the rest. :) I have a 12" 7-30 with iron sights that I do pretty well with by cradling the butt with my left hand. This works good with my 10" barrels as well but they don't have the added weight of the longer barrel and a scope. My question is what grip do others use with the longer barrels when shooting off hand for 50 to 100 yard shots. Someone recommended moving one hand out to the forestock but I couldn't get comfortable with that. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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long barrels are not necissarily to be shot ofhand. get a rest of some kind in all situations. get or make some shooting cross sticks,or bi-pod. do whatever it takes to rest the gun. pack em in with you. :grin:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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