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I will abide and refrain from posting again for a bit...because I am not completely sure of what we're looking for...

There is absolutely no question that name calling is out of place in a Christian forum....and I hope I have not been guilty of that..

I may have said somethingh referring to "unbelievers", but this was in no way intended as derogatory..."Bible study" implies Christianity, and those that do not believe the Bible are obviously...unbelievers..

As far as polite debate, I believe it can only strengthen the Christian who believes the Bible to be the word of God.

" Study to show thyself approved unto God,a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." ....2 Timothy 2:15

I believe that according to this advice by God, through Timothy, we SHOULD discuss, examine and ruminate upon the Scriptures.
We should examine every new "version" and all old versions in a true BIBLE STUDY...
In fact, we should have done that for ourselves before deciding what version (or per-version) we were going to use as authoritative.

As far as extra-Biblical (including blogs) sources...since this is a BIBLE STUDY...they should be respected only insofar as they agree with the BIBLE...

The very next verse...2Tim 2:16 says..." But shun profane and vain babblings; for they will increase unto more ungodliness..."

So folks; I will bide a bit...until I see how this whole thing "shakes out".

God bless you all...Ironglow

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There has been no change in the GBO rules. I'm asking nothing of any of you more than you agreed to the day you came into this forum. You all read or said you read and agreed with those rules. It's just that they have not been being followed by all here.

I fully understand that the topics of religion and politics seems to bring out stronger emotions in folks than most topics. For that reason I've not taken action to deactivate accounts based only on behavior on this forum. But I cannot allow the rules violations to continue. This new plan is my way of keeping order here without deactivating the accounts of folks who follow the rules on the rest of the site but seem to have a bit of a problem doing so here. It's my way of bending over backward to accomodate everyone while keeping the site rules intact.

If a person openly states they do not believe in anything they on that subject they are a non believer. I do not believe man landed on the moon. I'm a non believer in the story that we've set foot on the moon. That's not a personal attack but a statement of fact.

Now if a person states they are in fact a believer in Jesus Christ and that he is indeed the way to Heaven and yet you have disagreements with them on the fine points of topics then to call them a non believer would be a name calling and/or a personal attack.

The rules have not changed. I will just be enforcing them on this forum whereas to now I've not been as strict in doing so because I just didn't want to kick folks off the entire site for misbehavior here only. Now I don't have to.
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