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was eating a local hooters thother day-- the local guides were there having their monthly parly and outdoing contest.
they told me they had realyy been killen em in west bay this winter---of course THIS winter--cause i aint got no boat. this is mostly about wade fishing so if you don't hang around we understand. i digress, on the south shore line around the pens. really don't need a boat to get there, if you can keep from gettin shot or snakebit.
they also said they had done real good down in matagorda bay--my second favorite.
the bays i'm discussing here are west galveston bay and east and west matagorda bays--about 4 hours, by boat south from w.galveston bay, down the intercoastal or 2/3 hours by vehicle.
the real question or point of discussion is am i being told the truth? now i know these guys pretty well-have for years- and well they can tell the truth and they can also--well--sneak one in on you.
wouldn't ya know i can't prove it--can't even find out what the truth really
these 6 guys are good--and they have been making a living doing it for a least --good lord--25 years.
no point to this wandering--just wishing and drooling.
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