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I agree with the weight thing. I've moved a 600 lb safe a few times and it is a PAIN! 300lbs would be easier to deal with. If you don't need a fire safe, you might look at this. You can break it down and make it manageable to move.

However, I've somewhat lost my faith in safes as far as protecting guns from theft. I think they can keep your kids from getting into your guns. But, I’m doubtful about them protecting a “real” criminal from getting them. The reason for me stating this is one of my friends on the east coast of Michigan had his guns stolen.

He had a very heavy safe that was of a top name brand that is made in America. It had all the fancy keep the safe crackers out of it doo dads. It was anchored to the wall and floor. Someone hooked a cable/chain or something up to it and pulled it out of the floor/wall and through the outside wall of his house between when he left for work and got back at lunch time. Within a month his Kimber 45 was picked up by a cop in a traffic stop. The rest of his guns have not shown up. So, not only did he loose all of his guns that were stored in one convenient 1000lb + “transportation” case. He also had a hole in his floor and hole in his house. Probably a total of over $20,000 loss including guns, house damage, safe, etc.
Long story short, a light safe makes since. But, it is mostly an illusion of security from theft. It will keep out the amateurs and kids. That is about it.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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