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Guns and the future of the United States

by Jennifer Freeman

Two federal bills (H.R. 1279 and S. 155) are currently working their way through the legislature. The intent of the two bills seems clear in their aims to crack down hard on gangs and gang related crime such as drug trafficking, human smuggling, murder, and sexual assault. Considering the heavy influence of gangs in major cities and their growing operations in many suburbs, this type of legislation might seem like a good idea. Unfortunately, and as many gun owners already know, the road to **** is paved with good intentions.

Many major cities with serious gang problems already have similar laws on the books at the state and local levels. This has not prevented gangs from operating, nor has it lessened the incidences of human trafficking and the other crimes associated with it such as sexual assault, drug trafficking, and murder. Furthermore, this bill does nothing to prevent gangs -- the overwhelming majority of which are imported from foreign countries -- from entering and operating in the United States. It does, however, provide an opportunity for anti-gun law enforcement and judges to target law-abiding gun owners who may unwittingly find themselves in violation of the law without ever having committed a criminal act.

Anti-gun cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Washington DC have demonstrated over and over again that your safety is irrelevant when compared to their political ideology. They continue to pass laws that furthers their agenda which includes a total disarmament of the people. And while pushing for the passage of such laws, they claim that their intent is to protect you from the very thugs that they allow to operate as a result of their failed ideology. In fact, they need criminals to shift the attention away from the fact that the laws are actually designed to protect politicians from law-abiding citizens.

As Americans continue to lose their liberties, they may be inclined to seek a redress of their grievances. If the one world economy should force Americans into accepting demeaning jobs at very low wages making it difficult to feed their families, Americans may seek a redress of their grievances. And if the lawmakers of the United States should continue to ignore the will of the people and should refuse to address their grievances, lawmakers may seek shelter by applying laws such as these against the very people they are sworn to represent.

Since the original intent of the Second Amendment is to protect the people against a tyrannical government, you can bet that gun owners will be the first to go.

Such a law could be applied if a firearm is used in self defense while the firearm owner is outside of his or her home and in the company of two or more acquaintances. Now you're a gang member. And, if there happens to be a school around the corner, or anywhere else within a thousand feet, you've committed another crime.

Banning firearms within a thousand feet of a school or other specific types of buildings provides an easy opportunity for City Planners to make anyone in possession of a firearm while away from home to be in violation of the law. All they have to do is strategically place a few buildings and you've created a "defense-free" zone around the entire town. Stiff penalties could put an otherwise honest citizen and his or her acquaintances in prison for over ten years.

If Congress is really serious about protecting their fellow Americans, they need to return gang members to their native countries and ensure that such countries are unable to continue to export their problems to the United States.

As individuals we may feel insignificant and unable to stop the impending tidal wave of lost liberties. But, as a group, we can show our strength and demonstrate our willingness to preserve the ideology of our forefathers. The ideology of individual liberty which is where true progress lies. Without it, the United States would never have become the greatest nation on earth. Without it, the idea and meaning of the United States will cease to exist. And along with it, the shining beacon of hope to millions who live in the darkness of tyranny will be extinguished.

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