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well i had hear about this gun and i saw it on sale for 41$ so i got it. it's call the H&K USP CO2 BB Pistol by Heckler & Koch this gun is CO2-powered that shoots steel bbs. It has a 22-shot drop-free mag , is Double-action only , has a Fixed front and rear sights, Integrated Weaver accessory rail under the barrel (no Picatinny slots), has a Realistic hammer movement and trigger pull. The body is made out of hard plastic. You get 350 rounds + per co2 with this gun and the mag also holes the co2 so you feel just like a real gun. It's Loud inside but it's not to bad. This is the gun to buy and i can't think of anything bad with it.

Yes, it's body is plastic but it look like it can hold up. Now i put some rounds down range with this gun and it shoot very well out to 15 yards and you can shoot very fast with it. on a zombile target i could keep all my rounds in the head so it good for small pest hunting. This is the gun to get for 40$ and look like the real thing.

I love this gun!!! 8) 8) it looks very good in my Leapers UTG Deluxe Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster in Army Digital Camo.
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