I have decided to keep this rifle, thanks everyone for your consideration.

This is a rifle put together from H&R parts and is not an all original Shikari. The barrel, forend, cleaning rod are all original and unmodified. The receiver is a 1973 Huntsman receiver without the transfer bar and has had the breech face bushed and the firing pin tip reduced and fit properly.
The butt stock was a standard pistol grip pallet wood that has had the pistol grip removed and a good quality Browning recoil pad fit with a 13 3/4” LOP.
The barrel / receiver fit is very good without being shimmed or modified. I have fired this gun many times and everything works as is supposed to work. The Cleaning rod works as it’s was made to and is in good condition. The sights are as pictured original to the Shikari barrel.
The blue on the barrel is thinning but still nice and the wood is in nice condition without any cracks or large dents but does have a slight line in the forend finish from the barrel band retaining screw being removed but not deep. Overall a very nice rifle in a great caliber and the bore is shiney bright.

Shipping will be included to the lower 48 states. If a buyer is close they can pick it up in person and I will meet you somewhere within a half hour of my home.
This needs to be shipped to a FFL and please try to choose a FFL that will except a long gun shipped to them from a non FFL citizen.
If I have to ship this from a FFL to your FFL it cost me $ 30 and about 30 miles round trip and a lot of bother if you use a FFL that requires this so I would have to charge the buyer this fee.

I have been selling many guns lately thru gunbroker and getting top dollar but their process is expensive especially for the buyer as you pay tax, a compliance fee, plus shipping and FFL.
So being I know many of you and this forum is full of H&R lovers I am offering this gun here for less than I would probably get on GB but is less hassle and feel this is a better place to offer it.
Thanks, jedman

As per rules , The first I will take it followed by a PM gets it.