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I finished up my re-chambering of my Handi 30-30 barrel the other night. Took me about 1/2 hour to ream it out to .30 -40.

I took it to the range yesterday and I am very very pleased with the result. Although my existing loads are probably sub 2000 FPS loads originally worked up for my KRAG, they were very accurate in that barrel, recoil did not substantially increase even though I was shooting 180 grain round nose from the barrel. I have 150 grain loads too that felt as soft as the .30-30 170 grain loads.

I'm confident I will gain substantial range out of this deal, as well as punch at the other end. I am going to work up loads for the .30-40 using single shot loadups, that will take me past 2000FPS and should give me near .30-06 results.

Any one else done this to their's and results. Any great loads you have I can work up to? The loads above were 42 grain of IMR-4350 with 180 grain round nose bullets.
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