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:D When im shooting target I dont really worry about a hangfire in any of my bp rifles. Once in a while it will sneak up on ya and grap ya by the shorts though. When I prepare/load mine for hunting I first remove the nipple and put in 5 grains of 4ff,and the replace the nipple,and load in the normal way. With this the chance of a hangfire is about as close to "O " as ya can gets. I dont reduce the load any,like if im shooting with 100 of 2f or cartridge,I dont subtract for the additional 5 grains of 4f. Just a point of interest gentleman. 8) 8) King
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My last hangfire was with Pyrodex, too. I was on my 8th or 9th shot out of a Hastings BP barrel for the Remington 1100, using Winchester 209 primers. Sold the barrel when I got a Knight, and started using replica powders other than Pyrodex. No hangfires since.
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