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Been reading GBO about NEF/H&R guns for a couple years, but never looked down the roster to see this group. This made my day. My son and I both are RH/LE and the posts here answer lots of questions. The list of bolt actions is great.

I now just about have to use a scope and bolt actions work best for me. Hammer clearance on levers is a problem without getting the scope too high. On my H&R single shot .22lr, the hammer just clears the scope bell on a 2-7x-32mm. I am going to go back to a 4x to get more eye relief and exit pupil and less weight. The Leupold 4x28mm looks promising.

Specs on Leupold 4x28mm
* obj 28mm
* eye relief 4.5"
* tube dia 1"
* length 9.2"
* wt. 7.5oz vs.
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