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Is Coug Touched?

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hawaiipighunter-More Reasons WHY NOT the 410 and pipsqeak gu

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Son, we're jest lookin out for your best interests :wink:

<img src=>
Now jest feast yer lookers on THIS piggy! You figger that buck deer ill go maybeso 230-250 pounds, whatcha figger that PIG goes? Why you shoot inta this guy with one a them punny guns an this pig will give ya the look. You know, THE look! OK a__hole, what was that sposed ta do, skeeter bite? Then, he's a gonna rub you out!

<img src=>

Now this here rooter is what I'd consider AVERAGE around this neck of the woods. It'll go, maybe 275-300 pounds. You'll notice the little, and I mean little handgun I'm holdin. It's a FA Model 97 Colt 45 loaded with the Hornady 300 XTP Mag doing 1300 fps.

I shot this pig square behind the eye at maybe 5 yards. The tusker flipped and went into the traditional piggy brake dance. Figgered he was bacon. Bout 30 seconds later he come back ta life and dirt mean! Buddy a mine was in a stand close enough to see the animal act and he near wet hisself when he seen what happened.

Said he heard the shot and that got his attention. Seen the brake dance, then said he seen the trees startin to get laid down. Saw me lock up when the pig was just about on me and I fired. Pig veered to my righjt when the self defense shot hit em, made 20 meters or so and called it quits.

After properly cleanin my shorts I went on over and run my bowie inta em just to make sure he was DEAD this time!

Ya gotta kill them rooters square, ya don't........why they gonna squeal on ya :lol:

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hawaiipighunter-More Reasons WHY NOT the 41

Hey Zach,
You would think it would put one down with a shot to the ear but, I stalked one late one evening. Got a broadside shot at 25yrds. Hit him right behind the shoulder with a 260 gr partition out of a RB 454 Casull. He went down on his front knees and scooted up to a small tree. He was still scooting against the tree so I walked up to him and point blank shot him in the ear. Over he fell. The two guys with me walked over to where the hog was lying. One of the fellows put his boot on the boar's tusk and said " He's got some nice tusk" and that hog jumped up and started running off. Took me another shot in the shoulder to finish him. Who wudda thuk it.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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