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heavy bullets in .223

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I'm new around here, but glad to see the .223 is so popular. My favorite caliber, got three of 'em right now. The reason for this query is my newest addition, a Savage 112BVSS with 1:9 twist. Been researching some load data for 68/69-gr. BTHP's and 60-gr. V-max and find the data ranges all the way from left field to right. Has anyone here had a few good starter loads using heavy bullets? I'd like to use 748 or BL-C(2), but whatever ....

Thanks for your time and help.
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Welcome aboard Reed

The reason .223 data ranges all over creation is that it's one of those accommodating rounds that works passably with almost anything. Kind of a good news/bad news thing, but that's a happily dilemma, huh?

Start out with any 4985, 2520, 748 combination that's reasonable and chances are you'll find something that suits you.

FWIW, my Savage shoots almost anything well and shoots 52 Sierras over H335 into tiny little bugholes. Hornady V-Max 50's and IMR 4895 do the same.

Thanks for your info, redial

I really like W748 and H322 in my Ruger V/T with the usual 1:12 twist. It loves Sierra (or Hornady) 52-gr. Match HPBT's with max. loads of W748. Have a few groups at .190" at 100 yds. At my age, I think the gun will easily outshoot my ability. Got the Savage to try out some heavy bullets in the 1:9 twist. It shoots just about all my 50-55 gr. stuff into 1/2" or less at 100 and some of them into 1/2" at 200. But have never tried any 60-gr. and up stuff, so lookin' forward to some "sperimenting". Thanks, I'll keep in touch.
I shoot a lot of Hornady 68 gr hpbt match bullets out of my AR, 1:8 twist and they are sweet... I've been hung up on Varget simply because it's been really consistant and with the semi auto it's very clean burning... little fouling at all. Have great luck with anywhere from 24.5-26 grs, favorite and 1/4" 5 shot group at 120 yds with 25 grs. 60 gr V-Max is my coyote load, 26 grs Varget and will hold steady 1/2-5/8" all day.
heavy bullets in 223

I can't remember the loads but my Ruger 1B with a nominal 1 in 10 twist has a very long throat so if I want to seat bullets close to the lands I must use 60 gr + bullets. The gun likes 60 gr Nosler and Hornady and especially 63 gr Sierras. I followed the respective manual from each maker with good results. I think 748 and IMR 4895 were good performers. The 70 gr Speer worked ok too. I also use Ken Waters' Pet Loads as a guide. In my gun the 80 gr Sierras just won't stablize - keyhole at very short distances. Good luck.
Thanks Swede and Dand

Thanks for the input. Just got a bunch of "heavies" and am now waiting for some decent weather (like at least 20 above!) to get to the range with my Savage 1:9. I'm anxious to see what happens with the 75-gr. A-Max's ... they are nearly 1.125" long!!!!

Dand, you're lucky your No. 1 has a 1:10 twist. Mine is 1:12 and doesn't care for much of anything above 55-gr. But it really does great with 52 HPBT and 53 HP and surprisingly will shoot SX's into less than 1/2". As far as powder, both my 77 VT and No. 1 like max. loads of whatever powder I use and don't show much preference. I use a lot of W748 'cause it's cheaper and flows through my BR-3 like water.

Thanks again, guys ... CUL ... ReedG

First time at the range with Savage 112 BVSS and heavy bullets. Temp. was 33F. and a blinding snowstorm, but when ya gotta shoot ...

Anyway, had five 3-shot groups at 100 yds. with Hornady 75-gr. A-Max (these puppies are nearly 1-1/8" long!) and BL-C(2): best groups were .710 (24.5 gr.) and .680 (24.0 gr.).

Five 3-shot groups at 100 yds. with Sierra 69-gr. Match HPBT and BL-C(2): best groups were .390 (26.0 gr.) and .475 (26.5 gr.).

Have some loaded with Varget, but gotta wait for better weather!
:-D I mean no disrespect, just my frame of mind as I was brousing the topics and noticed an oxymoron:

Heavy bullets in 223

Butler Ford
No disrespect taken

It's all about relativity ....
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