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Its been a while! Work and my shoulder, and the start of hunting season, have kept me away.

Was not able to get the 25-06 to shoot. Vertical stringing was bad, 3-4 inches. Barrel shot fine on my other reciever, must have been something with the transfer bar / firing pin spring causing inconsistent ignition. The gun shop gave me full credit on a Stevens model 200 .270. (Sorry Mac!) It shoot s great, but that 130 gr bullet makes a mess. I will be going back to my 30-30, as my longest shot so far has been on this side of 200 yards.

Not been able to shoot my 45-70, except for guard loads. I can't stand the recoil anymore. Having a bum shoulder is really going to be a bummer :'( .

Stimpy, did you ever do anything with the 30GNR? I'm still wanting something a little different.
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