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Hello out there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[/color]Hello. I am Mason Stillwell and this is my first post here. I just wanted to say a howdy . Hope you had a great holiday season.
This looks like a great forum.

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Howdo Mason, I'm a newby here, but from what I've seen, I like it. Welcome to the fire.

Butler Ford
As Gomer Pyle would say, "Welcome, welcome, welcome!" Would have answered sooner but just got back the my club's match.
When you are setting up the targets they are big and heavy and when you try to see them though your sights they are tiny...
Ask questions as needed--I, for sure, don't know all the answers but we'll have fun figuring the questions out--as a last resort we can always lie.
I think the targets srink after we set them up.
I know they sure look small from the sight end of my guns.
One thing I forgot (just went out and casted about 15lbs of .45LC 200 grain bullets to replace the ones I used and will use tomorrow--but I digress): If you can find a caster in your neck of the woods see if s/he will like you come watch. You can ask questions and see how easy it is to save $$. and it's a lot of fun, too.
I'd offer but not sure where "every where" is
Thanks for the post. I have been casting for some years now. Even sell cast bullets. Hollow base and BB bottom. 45's mostly.

Sorry bout the Everywhere location. I am in Beautiful Downtown Bagdad AZ bout 2 hrs north of Phoenix.
Sorry--didn't know you are a caster. I often let new and would-be casters come by and see that all this magic isn't. Some day I'll have to figure the number of rounds a new caster needs to make in order to make casting cost-effective. I've been doing it for so long that everything is well paid for, 'cept the new molds I just have to have now and then.
Hello, Just got here myself, looks to be a right nice place to visit from time to time
Howdy all, signed up this AM looks like a very large well rounded site with a lot of discussion topics going on.
I joined this evening myself. Spent some time scoping out the different forums. Real nice site!
:D Greetings pards and a howdy from up here in Montana Territory
Howdy Mason and everybody else,
I'm also new here but I like the forum already.... like the way it's set up in different topics. Thanks to Cheyenne Rancher and the others who had a hand in puttin' this here forum together. :agree: :agree: :agree:
Howdy Mason,

Glad to see you and the other pards here. It's a nice site that Graybeard has. Lots of interesting topics.

Many thanks Graybeard.

Jack Christian
aka w30wcf
Good to see we are getting some of the experts coming over. Since my brain is kinda small will need to pick theirs--hate to reinvent the wheel.
OH OH I taint no X Pert but glad to share what I know.

:D Ya'll know what an x-pert is don't ya?

Ex err jist plain X means former.

Spurt is a drip under pressure.

So I reckon maybe that means an X-spurt is a fellar who used to be a drip under pressure. :-D

I'ma ducking and a running fer cover.

Well then I am kinda glad that I aint no X Pert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pete :-D
:-D I don't drip much, but I do drool and spit a bit, reckon that'll qualify me?

Butler Ford
:grin: Looks like I will be viewing over here allot. Good looking place.

CLF :)
:D Howdy and welcome leadfoot! Things keep getting better here bout everyday with new "old" folks coming in, shootin the breeze and passin' along tid bits of wisdom!!
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