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Help me decide with some data 450 or 45-70?

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I am trying to decide on which one to buy...I am feeling like the 450 is the heat but the 45/70 may have some benefits...

I was trying to compare several like bullets and the ft/lbs. trajectory too..Any help out there....
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what make / model of rifle do you want to buy?. O.
The .450 Marlin was originally created to take advantage of the power that could be harnessed form the old 45-70 cartridge using modern smokeless powders. Marlin created a belted case so that the "more powerful" cartridge could not be mistakenly loaded into some older 45-70 rifles that could not withstand the pressures of these high power cartridges.

However: new modern 45-70 rifles can withstand these pressures. You can reload a 45-70 to duplicate anything that the .450 Marlin can claim to do. And if you do not reload then here are some links to some so called 45-70 "magnum" ammunition.

Buffalo Bore


Garrett Cartridges

Personally I cannot recall ever seeing any .450 Marlin ammunition in any of the stores locally (But then again I was never really looking for it). You would probably have to order it anyway and in that case you could just order some of the heavy 45-70 loads shown above. And then when your shoulder starts to ache you can always shoot some of the "normal" 45-70 loads :-D

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I am a reloader and what I am looking for is some ballistic data...I would like to see something like this

300gn ball 52 grains of IMR4350 2300 fps 3349ft/lbs muzzle energy
300 grn ball 52 gns IMR4350 100yds etc....

I just want to do a good comparison of the rounds...I agree to their similarity but I am looking to make a decision and I was thinking that some of you folks would know some good locations to find that info..

When I first started to build my Ruger No. 1 in .450 Marlin I asked Hornady technicians many questions and one I asked was which cartridge, case wise, was stronger? They wrote me back with the statement that in the cases they produce the .450 Marlin case was thicker and stronger than the .45-70 cases they produce. I do know this that a friend at our gun club has a Ruger No. 1 in .45-70 and his cases stretch more and he gets fewer number of reloads out of each case than I do. The .45-70 was and is a great ‘black powder cartridge’ but if you want a modern cartridge then the choice is simple, go with the .450 Marlin. Lawdog
what rifle

cuernos1, for what rifle are you going to reload the 45-70, 450mar.O.

I have an Encore and I am going to set it up with that new short K-? barrel... I love that gun...Have had it since, 1996....Shot all my trophys with it...

My intent was to create a short gun with a lot of stones....

Go with the 45-70, being rimmed, I think they are a little easier to remove from the chamber. With TC's extractor system. A short "K" barrel is going to recoil, reguardless. You will have better results using 3031, H322, or RL7 with any bullet weight, in either case. I started loading the 45-70 in a custom barrel for the Encore, about the time TC were running test for it. They told me to start with the" marlin loads". Since I've read and heard that the TC/E, will handle Ruger #1 loads. If I remember correctly, those "K" barrels are 18 inchers, and ported? Be sure, to wear hearing protection!!!! Your ears will never forgive you if you don't! Good Luck. O.
62-1/2gr H-322 with a 300gr Sierra and a Win Mag primer. Don't remember the fps but its about all the WHUMP you want from an Encore. Speaking from experiance, KN
The .450 Marlin is real close to the .458x2 American. The loading info I've seen on this Wildcat produces velocities very close to the .458 Winchester. The .45-70 is a great old cartridge, but the cases are weaker, and no matter what type action you stick one into, the case will fail long before the new belted Marlin cases.

My $.02
I would opt for the 45/70 because it is more abundant in finding factory ammo for sale and if you do reload, it gives you a much broader base for making up the loads you want for the purpose you wish.
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