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Hey Bullseye

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I saw you're post on the 870 with a fully rifled barrel.Does it shoot good.I'm in the process of buying a fully rifled barrel for my 870 12ga or a H&R ultra slug hunter.I can get the H&R a little cheaper than the Remington barrel, but the H&R weights 9#,and I really like my 870.

What kind of advise can you give me,will the 870 shoot good at 100yards.

Thanks jake :D
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Hey Jake. I have the 870 fully rifled barrel that is 20" long. They also make one called a Super Slug Barrel (I believe) that is 24" long and has a matt finish. They both have scope mounts (these are Remington Barrels). I prefer the shorter barrel when sitting in treestands.

Mine will shoot three shots touching at 50 yards. I have never shot mine at 100 yards since the woods I hunt is so thick and hilly a 50 yard shot is long for me. However, based on what some friends have told me I would expect it to shoot good at 100 yards.

I like you love my 870. I left the Contender at home this year and hunted with the slug gun.

I have only had this barrel for a couple of years. Before that I had a regular IC slug barrel. The rifled barrel is much more accurate and consistent. The big disadvantage is to get the accuracy you must shoot Saboted slugs and they cost $8-10 depending on the brand compared to $2 for the old standard slugs.

Hope this helps, good luck.
Thanks Bullseye

Thats the info I was wanting. Thanks again :D
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