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:D :D :D :D HEY coug i just returnd from a great hunt, took my dad to red bluff lodge in south carolina for his christmas presenet, and the 56 year old dad hasnt taken an animal for 15+ years well he got a nice 150 bore hog and a real nice doe, to make it more intresting i myself go to kill two fat and tasty rooters my first hogs ever the first one i took and killed the first your going to be proud :D :D :D , with my .44 mag 629 15 yards away oh man my first encounter with a hog up close and dad watching on i hit her hard and she ran 15 more yards and dropped and twiched but twice, the 300grjsp from georgia arms ammo did the trick but wondering now if i sould have used hornady 300 gr xtp? but killed her dead , the other was a real big 190lbs.dressed out bore 100yards in almost pitch black night out of a stand thaks for the full moon thusday nihgt. i was able to recover the brass casing the exit wound was real nasty and cool the rooter only moved one foot down and no movement, man shooting at night has somthing to do witha good 50mm leoupld scope and shooting ability. :D :D :D
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I've used the 300 XTP on exactly one hog. About 250 pounds. Dropped him with a single shot between the eyes about 15' off the tips of my boots. It worked but I sure wasn't pleased with how it worked.

Found the bullet and jacket separated but close together under the hide on his right side after it went thru the front shoulder missing bone. A hard cast would have exited. Still It dropped him rat now and that was what was important at that particular moment as I didn't have much more room to spare.

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