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Hey, Mikey!...

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Looks like yer gittin' blitzed from what I see on the telly...hope everything's OK?
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This is kinda embarassing...

We didn't get ANY! Everything went south of us; that's why I was worried about GB. Here I sit in snowy Wisconsin and the last time I plowed (I got a big ol' Murray two-stage year before last) was last winter. ONCE! Oy! I have a little thrower that works real nice, but the last few storms just had it burying itself, so I bought the big one. It saves my back, all right, and it'll do decks, etc. but horsing it around in confined spaces can take a lot out of you. I usually wind up wearing a jacket to cut the wind over my underwear, I get so dang sweaty, even in below zero temps (which we haven't had too much of the past few years). Enjoy your new thrower...
Charlie Detroit
Re: Hay Charlie

Mikey.1 said:
Yep! We got blitzed alright. 30" of the stuff on my decks. Thank goodness I bought my last 'to myself' Christmas present last week, a new snowthrower. It's a little monster, it eats right through this stuff. My back is finally saved.

How are things up your way - you got hit by the same storm didn't you? But hay, what does another 2 or 3 feet of snow matter. I just didn't think it would take the plows two days to get up here. Actually, the plow was the last thing to come up. They waited until after daylight to send up a county front-end loader, which got stuck, so the plow backed up the road spreading sand and salt and then plowed a lane out (notice I said lane). So, I'm free to go to the market for the necessities - like half and half, beer, etc.

How much of the stuff did you get? Ready to work on a broad beam laser that will run off your truck generator and clear your driveway? I'm heading for the ibuprophen bottle - the snowthrower doesn't do decks.

Deer don't seem to mind the snow too much. A half dozen are raiding my bird feeders. They all look healthy. At this distance.... Hmmmm.

Hope all is well and that Santa brought you everything you wanted for christmas. Mikey.

Glad to hear you're OK after the Xmas storm. We didn't get anywhere what you did, but I had to dig out the old 8hp Ariens (The "Wonder Horse"!). I hope your Christmas was good. Peg gave me a subscription to GunList for the year and a gift certificate to a gunshop in Sylvan Beach....I think I have a need for a new Gibbs Enfield in .308! I'll have to talk to Ray's gunshop about that. Don't ask about the Mauser. Sore subject!!!!!! What did Santa bring you?
P.S. Did you get my earlier message about "AKA Craig"?

Mikey, if you'll log in before you post your proper name will show up and you won't have to use another. Ya can't moderate unless logged in.


I never shot a must be thinking of someone else.
Detroit and Milwaukee (where I live now) are both in snowbelts, alright, but only if the winds are in the right direction so we get lots of lake-effect snow. And that doesn't happen real often...not like say, Buffalo, or maybe Marquette Mich. in the U.P. But all bets are off if it's an el Niño stays WARM here. We haven't gone below 20° yet this year (daytime). And not enough snow to cool yer toes.
We had a big snowstorm at the beginning of Winter last year...really choked up the countryside in rural areas around Milwaukee. Even forced a redtail in from the country to do his hunting in the city for a couple of weeks. He took his quota of pigeons (now moving into our area and displacing the mourning doves because of urban sprawl), but the local crow establishment had at least two members watching him all day every day until they could mob him and chase him out where he belonged.
Logging in

Happy Holidays Graybeard: When I posted those last responses it was from my home web-site and I was not able to log in as I do from this site. Whenever I tried Mikey and the password I use for this site the confooser told me that name/password was already taken, so I used Mikey.1. I sorry. What can I do to properly log in from home?? Mikey.
Snowbelt Charlie

Hay Charlie - I think you're going to get a New Year's storm. They have promised rain and ice out here but I think the weather channel said your area was going to get hit with a good size storm.

I don't know if it is an El Nino year or not - haven't heard too much about that this year so you folks may be in for a good one.

Yep, you're right - must have been someone else with the Beretta - maybe Cal. I know it was a Police Officer and he had mentioned that they used them for backup. Sorry, always getting the good guys mixed up but, that's what happens when you age out of CRS and into CRAFT.

This is Mikey, I think.
Mikey, it shouldn't matter what computer you log in from unless there is something about the computer that is preventing you from logging in. It has to accept cookies (can delete them afterward if you wish) but other than that and it seems to not like Netscape I see no reason you can't log in using your proper name and password from anywhere. Maybe if you were still logged in on another computer it might not accept you logged in twice but I think it will even do that.

56° here yesterday...Scheißdreck! Might as well hang it up an' go live in Florida! Except they keep settin' the place on fire....
Loggin in

Graybeard: thank you for the insights. I will do my bestest to log in correctly or at least offer up one of my guns that doesn't shoot straight as an apology. Thanks again.
Snowbelt Charlie

Charlie: dang, I must be doing something wrong here. There you are in Snowbelt city at 56 degrees and I had to four wheel to the main road because of the ice storms we had here last night. I must be living in the wrong state. Either that or I'm too impatient waiting for the Greenhouse Effect to take place. Oh well, I'll learn, someday, maybe, if it becomes important, and if some great looking young blonde lady tells me how important it is to her. Maybe.

I think I need a donut. Happy New Year.....Mikey.
Ein gutes neues Jahr, to you, too, Mikey. But the last thing I need is a donut...since I became diabetic, a "sugar rush" has become a nap for me. Puts me right to sleep. Damnedest thing. Lemme know if'n yer blonde young lady turns out to have a sister...
Ice Storm

Hey Mikey,

Did you get to work OK today? How much ice and snow did you get? We did alright just enough to call out the plows and salters.

Saw your response to AKA.......whew! Did you rip him a new one or what???? Hope he listens, but his age is his biggest problem.
Hope you had a good New Years Eve....we crashed about 11-11:30! Into the pillows that is. Went to my daughters and celebrated her husband's birthday and went home. Pretty Wild, hah?

appy New Year!

And a happy

neues jahr auf du.

Charlie: watch those donuts. Sorry buddy, I didn't know. I may have read it before if you had mentioned it but otherwise would not have made the recommendation. The 'sugar rush' does that to a lot of people. I'm thankful that so far I haven't had to deal with that sort of a thing, but I have a sweet tooth and that could hurt me if I don't watch out.

I hope the winter goes easily for ya and you don't have to fire up that monster snow machine you haven't used yet. And, of course, I'll let ya know if that blonde (whoever she is, where ever she is) has a sister. However, if she is any relation to that leather clad woman lovin' female that chased the Dub around at the third annual you may wish to change your mind or, you may not. If half the fun is being pursued, it must be twice the fun to get caught. See what ole Dub missed......

This is Mikey, Charlie, take care.
Happy New Year

Hay Jim: Happy New Year to you and Peggy. It sounds like your New Year's Eve was about the same as mine. I usually go to a good friend's birthday party on New Year's Eve and it turned out to be just great, as usual. This was her 50th and her husband cooked up an incredible gormet (pronounced gor-met: we are so classy) meal for the occasion.

I made certain I stayed within the legal limit for the drive home, as it had rained and the streets weren't the best. In addition, the radio had told us that the local Sheriffs Departments and the State Police were having DWI checkpoints, so I just didn't want to chance anything. Even if you are within the limit, if the Boyz in Blue think you smell like you may have had too much they will offer you an alternative to driving home - usually from the local State Police substation. I'd rather pretend to be an old man and play it safe. The only thing that really bothers me is that I never get stopped by any of the really attractive State Police women (who might also be single and uninvolved). With them I might have a chance, if I behave myself but the guys usually do not have a sense of humor.

Ah well, it ended soon enough. The hostess was out like a light by 10:00; her hubby was sandwiched between his two labradors on the front room floor and coping 'Zs' by 10:15. The rest of us finished the coffee, washed out the pot and locked the door on the way out. That was at 10:30 and I was home by almost 11:00. A quiet and peaceful night. Didn't even see any checkpoints on the way home but did manage to share a stop light with a pair of Troopers who were covering the back country.

On another note Jim, that kid had yanked just about everybody's chain and after my response I even asked a couple of folks what they though of how I responded to him. One was a 20 year old gal and the only other person in a single family household. None of the folks I asked disagreed with me. I knew it was a harsh response but they thought it was probably necessary.

I didn't really want to rip him a new anything, just set him straight. We never really knew anything about him except through his complaints and darn it, he needs to grow up. He is an attention seeker. They do this sort of thing and he surely got everyone's attention. They are basically selfish. This isn't a clinical thing so much as it is a 'mis-behavior'. Darn it to all get out if every single responder didn't offer their heartfelt advice and lots of their personal background to show that it is neither the end of the world or a situation that cannot or will not improve. I'll bet he wasn't about to listen to anything that didn't tell him he was doing the right thing. And Jim, I am so proud to be a member on these forums and to be able to communicate with these people that I simply couldn't tolerate that kind of abuse to people who care enough to extend themselves as far as these folks have.

Attention seekers are like that. It will start with one subject and then bounce or move to another, and then another and continue like that until the attention seeker has burned everyone out chasing his pipedreams. People like that don't last long with one group of people after someone turns it back to them and tells them it is their responsibility to make the kind of changes that need to be made. Usually it is about two weeks worth of running around. They won't do that in a face to face situation (which is why I recommended a nurse or guidance counsellor) because whoever they are talking to, especially if an adult (or even a more mature teen), just doesn't buy it and the kid knows he can't milk that situation any longer.

He will find another forum with another focus, and pull the same thing again on some more unsuspecting victims. And he will keep at it until he finds someone dumb enough to agree with his selfish and immature 15 year old way of thinking, and then he will be justified, so he will think. I am just glad however, that Matt leveled the field with him first. I think he may have seen the next one coming. Matt is no kid, but probably closer to his age than most of us are and I think the kid may have seen the way the winds were starting to change. I'm glad he jumped in.

Jim, most people never seem to catch a break and have to bust their basses just to stay ahead and provide for their families. It's never easy for them but they don't whine and moan about it, they just do what they have to do to do the right thing. They work their jobs, raise their children and take pride in their families and then maybe get a break after they have retired. They parent their children properly by setting the right type of examples and by showing their children what is right and what is wrong. Some folks grow up as orphans, never knowing their parents or having the warmth of the sort of home life that many of us benefit from and relish. But, they turn out to be the salt of the earth. Good people. Law abiding citizens who contribute to their lives and communities. They have their own issues to deal with and their own backgrounds but gee whiz, here they are standing shoulder to shoulder with you and never complaining about what has to be done, they just ask what has to be done next so they can get to it. They have earned their rights and freedoms. He has yet to get there.

Snow....We didn't get much in the way of accumulation here, just some rain, then icing, then a bit of snow. Didn't even get out the snowthrower - I'll wait for some more to come in either tonight or tomorrow night and then do my manly man's thing with my new monster thrower. Actually, it is a pretty lightweight machine but it is 16 years newer than my old one was and chuck full of new technology and does the job I need it to do, without my having to bull the darn thing around.

You never mentioned what has happended to your Swede. You must not be too happy with what that gunsmith has been telling you, or has not been telling you. Is he going to try and bed that action, or shall we do it ourselves and get it right the first time???????? Give Peggy a hug. Let me know about the rifle. This is Mikey. :-D
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