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Hey, Wisconsin voters!

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At our Jan. meeting of the Dan'l Boone Cons. League in Washington County, Jim Fendry came by to swear in out new officers...He gave a nice talk, and not too long, about why he thinks we'll have CCW in Wisconsin soon...he estimates 6 months. Call him up, or email him or something...he says that it would probably help if we talked to our legislators. He says call 'em at home.
He's in the book...Wisconsin Pro-Gun Movement or GOPAC (Gun Owners' Political Action Committee).
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With The new Republican Controled Senate and House we do stand a good chance of passing it but the fly in the ointment is the new Governor He is against it and I am sure he will fight it all the way. I emailed him about this subject during the campain and he told me he was against it so I had the info right from the horses mouth. Our new Governor is definately anti gun and it was a sad day for WI when he got elected.
That's what I thought, but Jim seemed pretty sure that he'd let it pass by ignoring it, especially if the vote margins and public opinion were strong enough in favor. That way he can say he never signed it, but still not have all the Pro-Gun folks all over his butt at the next election. That's why he thinks that talking directly to your legislator will be helpful; it gets more votes from the ranks of the wishy-washy.
I wish I could talk to my legislator's but both are anti gun and the Senator (Jauch) from our district is one of the clowns that helped sweep CC under the rug in the last session. The Representative (Boyle) in our area is just as bad. Both claim to be hunters and not anti gun, yet vote anti gun on all the bills that have come up lately, seems anti gun to me!! They would not listen to me anyway as I actively campained against both of them the last 2 elections and they know it. :grin: I wrote letters supporting their opponents and publicly criticizing them. Jim
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